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Play Radnor/Chwarae Maesyfed

Our aim is to enhance the development and well-being of children and young people by providing quality play provision and raising the awareness of the importance of play. We will do this by maintaining a leading role as a provider of play related services, resources and information in the Radnorshire area. We work in partnership with a wide range of providers of children's services throughout the county.

Our Aims:

1. To act as an umbrella group and share information, experiences , ideas, resources and to signpost to relevant agencies.
2. Meet the changing needs of children and young people and ensure their welfare and safety in our work.
3. Provide information and support to promote new play development appropriate to Radnorshire.
4. Reflect basic tenets of the Children's Act 1989 in promoting the development of preventative services as the basis of family support.
5. Help to counteract the effects of rural isolation through our existing Play Resource Library service and new play developments
6. Support and help staff, volunteers and parents to access opportunities for their self development.

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